Dating a man who is divorced with a child

Single Dads and divorced men – the majority of them – want to regain their “lost flirting years” and most importantly their…Youth.

They play the field like newborn ducklings that are learning to walk again, in order to catch up with lost time of being homebound with the ex-wife.

You can spot them in their stylish SUVs with their kid’s car seat on the back; they appear wiser, mature and cool because of their experiences and years of age – but in fact, they are not.You sit opposite a forty- year-old man, expecting to hear or be taught a life lesson when it comes to relationships, only to realize that he has the emotional intelligence of a twenty- year-old, and that you should probably develop a thicker skin.Nonetheless, there is a bigger issue to address here…The Kids – and the new woman’s responsibility towards them.I’m a woman that has experienced highs & lows, when it comes to relationships, so I can write (or bitch, at times) about them.But what makes them really attractive is their attention and love for their kids, which universally and with no exception, appeals to all women that have at some point experienced “daddy issues”!When it comes to the “Ex-wife subject”, more than often, she is the one that didn’t understand them, didn’t support them enough and didn’t make it work in general…And furthermore, if you choose to create a second family and have kids of your own with him, the relationship between your children and their half-siblings lies in your hands.I have come to believe that women are the glue that keeps most families together.Which, almost always, makes us want to make the difference.And unfortunately, we get so preoccupied doing exactly this, that we become too busy to notice any red flags.

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