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I advise all single people who move here to start out in central Phoenix and once you get comfortable in the Valley, then consider moving out to the suburbs.Some parts of central Phoenix are gorgeous, some parts are not very flattering …Some neighborhoods are beautiful, safe and affordable.Some of the more expensive, upscale neighborhoods offer great views of the Valley and they are safe.South Phoenix was once considered the “black part of town,” but the Hispanic population is the dominant demographic now.

For the most part, the people are down-to-earth and friendly.

However, Tempe has some rough spots here and there.

Overall, I like Tempe – nice town for singles and younger families.

Tempe – You’ll find the beautiful Arizona State University campus, Tempe Town Lake, Mill Avenue and Kiwanis Park.

Mill Avenue is on the west end of the ASU campus and is a hot spot for bar, nightclubs, shopping and restaurants! Kiwanis Park is a popular spot for African American picnics, cultural events and activities.

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