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New producer: Ben Churchill Oct 6th- Introduced by John Fraser and Genine Graham- War and Peace, Loving You, Campbell's Kingdom Oct 20th- Introduced by Paul Carpenter- Tea and Sympathy, Seven Thunders, The Scamp, Our Girl Friday Oct 27th- Band of Angels, Lucky Jim, Men in War Nov 24th- Introduced by Peter Reynolds (ditto Dec 1st/ 22nd) Jan 5th 1958 again introduced by Peter Reynolds, produced by Ben Churchill - last programme menu of ITV film shows ......... (Personnel shown when they were changed.) Subjects included: Powell and Pressburger (Mon Feb 25th 1957) with extracts from Ill Met By Moonlight Elizabeth Taylor (Tues Mar 26th) director Macdonald Martin Glamour (Wed June 19th 7.30pm) seven stars in sequences from their latest films Richard Widmark (June 26th) introduced by Muriel Young. Clips from Kiss of Death, and Saint Joan Ray Milland (July 3rd).Close Up "The programme breaks away from the usual pattern." This was Associated Rediffusion's long running contribution to the genre of tv magazines on films. It was partially networked, some regions showing it periodically, though I don't think it was ever seen in the Midlands area. Clips from Dial M for Murder and River's Edge Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier (July 10th).Muriel Young interviews Aldo Ray, clips from The Siege of Pinchgut Gino Lollobrigida (Oct 22nd) with Neville Barker.

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Peter Noble presented excerpts from current releases. By the next month it had been shortened to 45 minutes and shown in the Saturday night 10pm slot. October saw Patricia Lewis advertised as Hobley's "Leg Girl." The programme ended at the end of the year menu of ITV film shows ....In the studio Janette Scott and Monja Danischewsky talk about him John Mills (Oct 29th)- discussing his career with Mc Donald Hobley, extracts incl I Was Monty's Double Richard Attenborough (Nov 5th)- talking with Mc Donald Hobley incl scenes from The Man Upstairs, Sea of Sand Walt Disney's True Life Adventures (Dec 3rd) incl Secrets of Life Norman Wisdom (Dec 17th) including The Square Peg Kim Novak (Jan 7th 1959) Introduced by Kenneth Macleod, including Bell Book and Candle William Wyler (Jan 14th)including The Big Country Sophia Loren (Jan 21st) Kenneth Macleod talks to Kieron Moore who worked with this star in The Key.Incl extracts from Houseboat Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall (Jan 28th) incl The Reluctant Debutante Alec Guinness (Feb 4th) interview with Kenneth Mc Leod, and inc The Horse's Mouth Peter Finch (Feb 11th) incl Operation Amsterdam Robert Mitchum (Feb 25th) Mc Donald Hobley talks to Raymond Stross with clips from The Angry Hills John Huston (Mar 4th) incl Roots of Heaven Cyd Charisse (Mar 11th) incl Party Girl Yul Brynner (Apr 9th) introduced by Mc Donald Hobley.Mc Donald Hobley was back as the host, Peter Noble ran the quiz with "a guest star" while Joy Webster kept the score. Programmes included: John Mills with clips of The Singer and The Song, Doris Day (Midnight Lace), and Peter Finch (No Love for Johnny).Sat May 19th 1962 9.30-10pm It's Trad Dad- teenage idols Sat May 26th 1962 9.50-10.30pm focus on Alec Guiness Note: Gerry Le Grove had previously in 1958 made Saturday Limelight, clips of songs, described as "a filmed disc jockey show" menu of ITV film shows ....He was always so much more intellectual than say The Craddocks, and much more witty than say Marguerite Patten. 1 The Craft of Cooking (Apr 19th 1964, the series repeated starting from Sept 26th 1965) 2 How Heat is Applied to Food (Apr 26th 1964) 4 The Cooking of Flesh Foods part 1 (May 10th 1964) 5 The Cooking of Flesh Foods part 2 (May 17th 1964) how to grills teaks, fry fish and prepare a 'Harben special' 6 The Cooking of Flesh Foods part 3 (May 24th 1964) how to get the best out of tough joints, and how to make the perfect steak and kidney pudding 7 Things Made With Flour 1 (May 31st 1964)- good home-made bread and pastry 8 Things Made With Flour 2 (June 7th 1964)- better pudding, Yorkshire Pudding, cakes and pancakes 9 Things Made With Flour 3 (June 14th 1964)- sponge cakes and eclairs, whipped cream filling and sugar icing 10 The Thickening of Liquids (June 21st 1964) - smooth white sauce, creamy pea soup, mixing mayonnaise 11 Deep Frying (June 28th 1964)- fish and chips 13 Dishing Up and Carving (July 12th 1964) Following the repeat of series one, a second series commenced, titles become ever more idiosyncratic: 15 The Stew (Jan 16th 1966) 16 Bread (Jan 23rd 1966) 17 Egg Liaison (Jan 30th 1966) 18 The Three Faces of Meringue (Feb 6th 1966) 19 Rice for Everyone (Feb 13th 1966) 20 Pancake's Progress (Feb 20th 1966) Chicken Saute a la Marengo, Baked Ice Cream (date? Headway (1963/4, ABC) Sunday Session was a three month experiment in adult education, the Independent Television attempt on Sunday mornings to try and make learning fun. A semi-regular was John Nettleton as Professor Alec Ritchie. With Nigel Stock, Daphne Anderson, Peter Barkworth, Madeleine Mills and Eleanor Summerfield. With newly operational ABC producing the networked Film Fanfare from February that year, ATV continued their own programme in the Midlands area only, entitled Midland Movie Magazine beginning on Wednesday February 22nd 1956 from 10.30-10.45pm, with John Fitzgerald again presenting, and Cecil Petty producing. From June that year, TV Times announced the subject of each programme: Barbara Stanwyck (June 3rd), Mr Magoo (June 17th), John Mills (Aug 5th)- TV Times included a photo from The Baby and the Battleship, Kenneth More (Sept 2nd), John Wayne (Sept 23rd), Alastair Sim (Oct 14th), George Cole (Oct 21st), Rossano Brazzi (Nov 18th), Joan Crawford (Dec 9th), Abbott and Costello (Dec 16th), Gregory Peck (Dec 23rd), William Holden (Dec 30th), Ernest Borgnine (Jan 6th 1957), Glynis Johns (Jan 13th), Broderick Crawford (Jan 20th), Orson Welles (Jan 27th), Michael Wilding (Mar 3rd), Ingrid Bergman (Apr 14th).) 23 Not So Plain Potatoes (Mar 13th 1966) 25 The Glories of Puff Paste (Mar 27th 1966) Below for more of these programmes. Headway was an umbrella title for some of ABC's early contributions to the programmes, some were shortly afterwards repeated early on Sunday afternoons. The series was not networked, but transmitted in other ITV regions on different dates, shown here are ABC (Midlands/North) premieres. Was it simply a new job, a strange place, new faces? A seance is held, a wish is granted, the marriage vow takes on a new significance. The last edition was around about Wed April 25th 1956 menu of ITV film shows ........ The series appeared irregularly during 1957 as A-R had begun their own offering on films menu of ITV film shows ........Sequences from The Hasty Heart and Chase A Crooked Shadow (series: Spotlight) David Tomlinson (June 12th)- in the studio, clips include Up The Creek The programme now had a break.'Corny' (Oct 1st)- the late Henry Cornelius, incl clips from his last film Next To No Time.Eddie Kebbell now producer again Aug 17th- The Shiralee, Love in the Afternoon, The Wayward Bus Aug 24th- host: Franklin Englemann with clips from The Abominable Snowman, The Seventh Sin, Hell Drivers Sept 7th- Peter West introduces: Silk Stockings, Saint Joan, Operation Mad Ball Sept 15th (new slot Sundays 11.05pm - midnight, acc to TV Times probably incorrectly) New host: John Fraser.Clips included No Time for Tear, and Manuela Sept 22nd (11.05-11.30pm)- Action of the Tiger, Story of Esther Costello, The Vicious Circle.

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