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The ghost of a young woman walks down this street late at night near the area where the old Hess's building had been.

It is said she was struck and killed by a car when she attempted to cross the street during the 60's.

At the completion of the roller coaster a Maintenance worker was killed by a coaster car during a test run.

To this day people say they see him working on the track while they are riding the roller coaster.

I do not know the Culmerville Hotel history: date built and original purpose.I do know that there is one very 'needy' spirit in there.At the stop sign closest to North Park Golf Course, you are on a hill going down..when you stop at the stop sign and put your car in neutral, you actually go back up the hill instead of drifting down the hill! many times students claim there is a ghost they have named "Wanda." The story goes that a girl supposedly hung herself in the stairway, although officials at the college refuse to talk about what really might have happened.The dog is a white ball of fog that appears out of no where.This legend is a cross between the spectral hitchhiker stories you have heard before and the sort of "Resurrection Mary" type tales familiar to the Chicago area. For historical background there used to be a hotel at the top of the Wopsononock Mountain that was a fairly common getaway for people in Altoona.One student took a picture of the tree and a face of an old man appeared in the image. A woman and young child can be seen in the basement, along with a man wearing Revolutionary War type clothing.By an employee's account, a ghost hunter asked to spend the night alone there once.This activity mostly happens at night This mansion is said to be haunted by the matriarch of the family.There is a wedding dress in a glass case that is said to move on it's own, especially around Halloween and full moons.Since then travelers on this road have encountered the specter of a woman in white, sometimes seen to be carrying a candle, who apparently is looking for something.Variations on the tale have her waylaying young men and looking them over to see if they are her husband, or hitching rides with young men headed for the top of the mountain and then disappearing near the Devil's Elbow.

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