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In front of parts of the hedge was a small stable that we no longer require. There is not much that you can do to rectify the dead shoots and if you have just been left with bare tree trunks what I would suggest you could do is to grow some climbing plants up the trunks to make your hedge more attractive.

Now that the stable has been removed, the hedging that was behind the stable has gone brown and looks dead, presumably from lack of sunlight. The common Honeysuckle Lonicera Pericylymenum loves to climb up trees and there is also the evergreen Honeysuckle Lonicera Aureapeticulata.

I would also restrict the height of your Leylandii hedge to two to three feet.------I purchased and planted some 5 feet tall leylandii for a hedge border.

They were grown from cuttings in pots and I planted them last November.

You mention cutting down your Leylandii Hedge but this will still leave in the soil extensive roots which will need to be cut back from the trunk of the Leylandii and removed before replanting another hedge.------We recently moved into a new property.

We have a leylandii hedge in the corner of our garden.

It will however be worthwhile to peel back the bark of the infected tree at soil level to see if you can see any strands of the fungi (the strands looking just like boot laces).

There is also another soil borne fungi Phytophera which infects the roots of conifers but this is generally a disease of poorly drained soil.

I am afraid Sarah that applying weedkiller or other substances to the base of your Leylandiis is not worthwhile and can cause you substantial problems.

What I would do is to incorporate plenty of well rotted manure which will improve the texture of the soil and also add nutrients.

I would also apply a liberal dressing of a balanced base fertiliser.

Warton's Bill Blackledge is one of the county's most popular and sought after gardeners.

If it's green and needs watering, Bill can tell you about it.

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