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I would also include people who would have fooled you had you not known their identities. I suppose the way I see it is that there are people who, because they are southern European, can "fit" in either the Iberian peninsula or Italy. If anything, I'd say she got more from her Irish side, although that general type is far from rare in Italy either. He played a Cuban rather convincingly, I thought, in a movie I very much liked, but then there are a few Cubans who, perhaps because of the various sources of European immigration to the island, give me an Italian, or more precisely, a Sicilian vibe, but overall the whole nose area on Assante just doesn't look that Iberian to me.Others, because of certain distinctive traits, "fit" better in one or the other.That's sort of the point of my thread...these things are fluid, ancient common ancestry plays a part, there is overlap, especially between neighboring countries, and also chance recombination has a part to play, and so you can get some very unexpected results as well. I have a cousin with the same expression and face structure of gandy, and he is also as ha dsome and tal, as him; only he his darker of skin and of hair color (his mother, the sister of my father is very dark skinned complexed, a tone darker than hummel; his father has the same face structure as gandy and the same nose type; my cousin took the color of his mother and the face structure of his father; he's full tuscan bytheway.. he looks greek, my aunt is very atypical for skin pigmentation in tuscany, my father is a bit less atypical, but my father look is ore common in southern italy) ^ Those two Greeks above could actually pass as Iberian.You just can't put people into these boxes and make these dogmatic statements. I have seen them posted on other sites and I thought they might have been Spanish, until I found out they were Greek.Assante played Napoleon as well, who was a Corsican of Tuscan and Ligurian descent, and I thought it was decent casting. I don't think Andy Garcia looks "typically" neither Spanish nor Sicilian, but rather southern French.

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It's born out on the genetics side too, although I'm fully aware that the alleles measured for ancestry are "junk DNA" and I don't think they include the few percentage points of the genome that code for "appearance". David Gandy also looks like Raoul Bova, an Italian actor.[/QUOTE] David Gandy doesn't look very much like Raoul Bova, in my opinion.The main resemblance is a superficial one based on coloring.PRODUCERS LOLA KARIMOVA, TIMUR TILLYAEV AND THE ACTOR ARMAND ASSANTE ACCEPTED THE AWARD ON JULY 13 Italy, June 7, 2017 – The Board of the Ischia International Arts Academy today announced that Italian-American actor Armand Assante (“The Lords of Flatbush,” “Private Benjamin,” “Gotti,”) will receive the 2017 ‘Ischia Lifetime Achievement Award,’ and that his latest film, the documentary feature, “Ulugh Beg.The Man Who Unlocked the Universe,” directed by Bakhodir Yuldashev has been named ‘Best Documentary.”Produced by Uzbekistan’s ambassador to UNESCO, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, and her husband, Timur Tillyaev, the film traces the trials, tribulations and victories of this remarkable 15th century astronomer who ruled Transoxania, Central Asia, from 1411–1449 AD.We are pleased to be recognizing his illustrious career here in Ischia.”"We are honored to have both Mr.Assante and this historic film as key elements of our 15th annual festival,” added Giancarlo Carriero, President of the Ischia International Arts Academy. i can say that this look isn, t the commonest even in my region, tuscany.. a brit without at least a foreign greatgrand father can t look like this. He was just the first candidate which came to my mind for unknown reason. I thought he was the sole actual Iberian in a movie mainly about Iberians that was totally cast with Brits. His name is Jack Huston, and he's the grandson of the legendary director John Huston, and the nephew of Angelica Huston. The Italian/Irish or Italian/British mixes with which I'm familiar look like this..there's not a Spanish or Portuguese looking one in the bunch. Scene/wp-c...ne_ think I've already discussed him on some thread or other. i've seen the photo of his least if genetic isn't crazy.. who looks very south eastern european Yes, the resemblence is very weak, and anthropologically certainly nil. He played a Portuguese in a movie I just recently watched called Last Train to Lisbon. He looks just like a lot of people on my mother's side of the family. imgurl=h...tart=0&ndsp=18 matt hummels is at 90% adopted.. His father was Italian American and his mother was Irish American, and he was raised in a devoutly Roman Catholic family. A role that brought him greater attention came in 1980's Private Benjamin as a handsome Frenchman who becomes the love interest of a U. Assante was born in New York City and raised in Cornwall, New York, the son of Katherine, a music teacher and poet, and Armand Anthony Assante, Sr., a painter and artist.

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