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Each processor has its ownand can be independently controlled using it. It boots first, executing the Primary Boot Loader (PBL) from on-board ROM at 0x FFFF0000 .The MSM platform has the facility to force Secure Boot using the status of the FORCE_TRUSTED_BOOT Qfuse on-chip or a high-state BOOT_SCUR pin connected to GPIO95.The SBL, also known as the Operating System Boot Loader (OSBL), is loaded into memory at 0x8000000 (IMEM - Internal Memory, the MSM7230 package-on-package (Po P) RAM). It provides an Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) -like environment for controlling the boot process.After doing more hardware configuration including UARTs and USB (for potential remote console connections to the monitor) it loads the Applications processor Secondary Boot Loader (APPSBL a.k.a.It communicates with the boot-loader via the e MMC "misc" partition, which is a raw data image written from, and read into, memory and treated as a character array.To set-up a Linux host see Be careful in issuing commands since some can be destructive, such as task 29, which can start a format of critical areas of the device without awaiting further confirmation.From power-off it gets the device ready to make a call in about six seconds (A regular start will take upwards of a minute).

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This secondary boot-loader is responsible for configuring, loading, and passing execution to the applications operating system which in this case is Linux.

Sources: in the kernel build location) and an attached initial RAM-disk - the initrd - which is responsible for configuring the operating system and starting the Android services and graphical user interface (GUI).

The boot-loader loads the image contained in the e MMC "recovery" partition into memory and passes execution to it.

7x30 system-on-chip boot-straps the processors into an operating system.

There are two processors in the MSM 7x30, an ARM9 for the radio and an ARM11 auxiliary applications processor.

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