Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating

There are even photos of Matthew Fox and his family sightseeing in Italy and Damon Lindelof and Jack Bender are with them.

Uh, no I wasn't there, just based on what I've heard throughout the years (you know, gossip, like I said in the title of this post).

) who HATE the Kate-Sawyer-Jack-(Juliet) love triangle/quadrangle might want to back out now, because in this video, Evangeline Lilly (Kate) talks about what it’s like to work with her co-stars Matthew Fox (Jack) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer).

Actually, this has some great clips — of Sawyer taking off his glasses when he firsts sees Kate in Dharma time, of a tender Sawyer-Kate kiss, of the Kate-Jack kiss after Kate leaves Aaron (though that latter scene is almost too dark to see, at least on my monitor), and of the interaction between Jack and Sawyer when Jack refuses to treat Little Ben.

I remember there some interview of Terry O' Quinn where he may have sad something passive aggressive about MF and then there was the fact that the two almost never talked about each other in interviews, whereas they would talk about other actors.

And then there' the whole thing with Dominic Monaghan.

You will notice that the unsupported rumors didn't start until the love triangle began to amp up on the show.

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They kept pitching her roles before she agreed to guest as Penny.The Skaters even spread rumors that Evie hated Matthew, this couldn't be farther from the truth.Terry O' Quinn didn't get along with AAA either. "And then there' the whole thing with Dominic Monaghan."Like anyone with common sense believes Dominic Monaghan?I am sure that there was tension on the set and some actors didn't get along with others.But Matthew Fox was well liked by much of the cast and the show runners. Alan Dale quit watching in S3 as it got too bizarre for him.He apparently picked it back up in S6 but was still confused.They tried to get him back for a guest spot in the finale but the rumor was he wanted five times the offered salary so it didn't happen.Harold Perrineau was unhappy how Michael's story ended in S4 and was open about it but he and the writers got past it.I wish the show was big enough in the mainstream for there to be E! I always got the sense that there was some tension or drama behind the scenes, especially involving Matthew Fox. Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were both arrested on the same day for separate DUI incidents.Did anyone get the impression ever that Matthew Fox was not well-liked by most of the other cast, especially Terry O' Quinn? That fueled a rumor they were killed off on the show for that, but Michelle and the writers denied this.

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