A dating site for very lonely people

Often there is around a week of talking before someone plucks up the courage to suggest going for a drink.

Previously, if you were to meet someone in a pub you might just exchange a couple of texts before selecting a date and time to properly meet up.

It's true that love never ends." To combat this age-old problem, new technologies are beginning to attract single seniors.

The trusted senior resource AARP runs their dating site called Our Time, which has a growing following.

"They have an optimism toward the coming decades, and how best to enjoy them, which includes being hopeful about continuing to pursue romantic relationships," she said.

Even though both sexes are living longer, women still live eight years longer than their male counterparts.

"Many people have lost their loved ones and move here because they are lonely and isolated," Sosa said.

"It is exciting to see when residents find companionship and even love.

So you slip into your Porsche, which is insured and paid for in full, no car loan required, and head to the Bellagio where you’ll meet him in the bar for pre-dinner drinks.

I don’t think she ever expected me to use her advice to decide whether I would date rich men for money, but hey, life’s weird.

Dating apps have transformed how we find love - but some jaded swipers now long for more traditional ways of discovering The One.

I'm not very keen on texting as it is, I would rather arrange to meet up and then talk on the date.

Otherwise, you have run out of talking material from all your messaging and have nothing new to ask or say when you meet face to face.

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